9. Getting paid by your company to travel the world – Jared from Wish

You’re interested in the tech industry, but you don’t think you have the skills required to land a job in tech. You didn’t study a STEM major because it just didn’t feel right, but now you’re at a loss as to where your degree can take you. This is a very real predicament and today on GigaNation we’re here to find out what these options could be.


Today Jeff chats to his old friend Jared – a Customer Support Trainer at Wish who is not only kicking tech career goals without a STEM major but also gets paid to travel the world with his company growing their team. Double whammy of goodness.


Jared provides fantastic insight into what a non STEM major degree can get you if you’ve got the passion and the drive to achieve. Growing up he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew that he loved languages. Jared went on to study Spanish and although there was a lot of uncertainty as to where a degree like this could ultimately take him, he took the advice of his mother and allowed the passion to guide him to where he is today.


On this episode of GigaNation Jared discusses the importance of showcasing your personality and ways to build up your communication skills. For those interested in non STEM careers, this episode is a must!



  • Study what you’re passionate about and things will fall into place.
  • Focus on your strengths. Don’t just study STEM because you think that’s what’s going to get you a good job.
  • Get past your reluctance to talk to your managers/higher ups. Develop these personal relationships as you never know where they can take you.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of asking. There is so much knowledge you can gain.
  • Good communication skills are super important in any career these days.