3. How to Handle Rejection During the Job Search

After working through a job at a large company right out of college, starting my own business, running out of money, then joining another startup that went broke after two months, I’ve faced tons of rejection.


In this episode, we take a closer look into the nitty-gritty of what it means to have our objectives thwarted. In your job hunt, you’re going to face the inevitable reality that is rejection. The question is, how best do you respond to this rejection?

The Finer details of this show:

This episode takes a closer look into the psychology of rejection and why we, as a society, are so allergic to it. Specifically, I’ll be discussing the most important things about rejection and why traditional advice isn’t actually that helpful.


There will also be some actual examples of handling rejection in the moment and how you can use these setbacks to fine tune your internal psychology.

Episode Resources:

  • Why be, do, and have are the three words to better handle rejection.
  • The difference between performance-based thinking and internalization.
  • The effects of saying “should” when setting expectations.
  • Five practical statements that can help resolve negative cognitive conditioning in the face of rejection.