4. How to Get Hired at Tesla? A Conversation with JC


After travelling around the world and getting back to his roots in China, JC found himself working on Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. More importantly, this was his first job after ten years of wanderlust. Now he’s working at one of the most innovative automobile manufacturers in the world: Tesla.


In this episode we look a bit more closely at a special case of how passion and strong work ethic was enough to earn a job at one of the most cutting edge companies in the world. That and sending out around 75 resumes to potential employers

The Finer Details of this Episode:

JC explains the ins-and-outs of transitioning from nearly a decade of travel to reentering corporate America. His passion for cars coupled with nearly sixteen hour days at Toyota led him to the on-site interview process at Tesla.


Now, as a trainer, he explains the red flags he encounters on a daily basis that keep many eager applicants from working for Elon Musk.

Episode Resources:

  • Ways to leverage a network to get your foot in the door in an industry.
  • The importance of making a good impression at any company.
  • Preparation techniques that can be applied in any interview process.
  • The importance of cultivating and taking seriously one’s passion.