5. Running for mayor at 18 to working at Google – Interview with Ryan Krebs


We’ve all heard it – interviewing at Google is a gruelling process. Today we talk to Ryan Krebs, a a truly inspiring individual who was able to make it through this process and get hired into Technical Sales at Google. We desperately want to know, how did he do it?


On today’s episode of GigaNation Ryan explains the gruesome Google interview procedure, how to stand out from the crowd and what steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of success. He talks extensively about the power of a positive mindset, the importance of proper preparation, research and the skills that you can develop.


It’s not everyday you get to hear from an insider at Google, so grab a beverage and settle in to this episode of GigaNation. You’re about to hear some truth bombs!



  • Interview at multiple companies so mentally you’re in a much better place
  • A huge part of the interview is the questions that you ask the interviewer
  • Use LinkedIn as a resource to find out more information about the people at the company
  • If the company has a free trial of their platform, use it prior to interviewing to familiarise yourself