2. How to Land a Job at Google: An Interview with a Google Employee, Alex Dombrowski

In the following Episode, I’ve collected a handful of different tips to help with your job search, as well as some practical things you can do during an actual interview. I’ll be joined by Alex Dombrowski, a data scientist at Google, who also has experience interviewing potential employees.


Whether you’re looking to work for Google, Amazon, Snapchat, or a smaller tech startup, we’ll be investigating the concrete ways that a candidate can improve his or her chances of employment.

The Finer details of this show:

Alex provides us with his personal experience passing through the myriad barriers that make up a google interview process. He explains some of his preparation techniques, red flags to steer clear of, as well as the three dimensional basis that Google hires on.

Most importantly, we continuously return to the fact that Google is not looking for most highly educated employee, they are simply looking for the best. Our discussion takes a part the differences between these two ideas in order to better your chances of getting hired, no matter your level of education.Episode Resources:

Episode Resources:

  • What to expect during the interview process and how best to prepare yourself.
  • The matrix that Google recruiters screen potential hires.
  • How to get your foot in the door and the first phone interview.
  • A closer look at the non-degree holding applicants and what makes their profile stand out.