1. Welcome to GigaNation

Whether you’re looking to make a drastic career change into the field of tech, just graduated with a computer science degree, or even if you’re just looking for a better work-life balance, Giga Nation can help you with your search.


I’ll be interviewing veterans in the industry as well as experts on leveraging social media to your advantage. Ultimately you’ll come away with practical tools to help you debunk the interview process, better handle rejection, and gain a clearer perspective on the hiring landscape in this dynamic sector.

The Finer details of this show:

This introductory episode will provide you with an outline of what Giga Nation is, how this podcast can help you, talk a bit about what we’ll be doing, what my expertise involves, as well as filling you in on five tips to help with your job search.


After working for a handful of startups, going broke, and earning my stripes in the hiring mill, I’m here to provide you with a few lessons I picked up along the way.

Episode Resources:

  • Outline structure and direction of the podcast.
  • Introduce me, Jeff Butler, and my expertise in the field.
  • Explain how this podcast can help you in your job search.
  • Five tips on landing a job in the tech industry.