8. How to use recruiters in your job hunt – Mary from RockIT

Finding the right way to go about applying for jobs, or even knowing what jobs are out there can be daunting. In fact it can be so hard to know where to begin, or what you’d be the perfect fit for. On the eighth episode of GigaNation, Mary from RockIt Recruiting in San Francisco breaks down the process and the ways recruiters can help you land your dream job.


In a place like Silicon Valley especially Mary understands that there are a lot of recruiters, and it does create a lot of noise. It’s hard to know who has your best interest in mind. Mary helps to dispel some of the negative talk around recruiting agencies, and show you the ways that they can help you. She has priceless advice as to the ways you can make yourself more appealing to a hiring manager and increase your chances of achieving your career goals.



  • Take your time. Finding a job can be a time consuming process but it’s worth it to find the one that suits you.
  • Recruiters are here to help you. They are true facilitators and can assist you in landing jobs that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
  • Your resume should be up to date and relevant to the role you’re applying for. Think about relevant projects and only include what’s helpful to showcase your skills.
  • There may be gaps in your resume and that’s totally okay. Just have an explanation as to why those gaps exist. Hiring managers understand.
  • Do your research. Read about the company. Understand the environment and culture.