7. A Fireside Chat With A Startup Founder – Markus from Gonitely

Ever wondered what it’s like to join a startup?  Perhaps you’ve been approaching companies but you’re struggling to get your foot in the door.  Whatever the case, this episode of GigaNation is sure to set you on the right path.


Jeff speaks with Markus Scharnowski, Co-founder and CEO of GoNitely. Originating from Switzerland, Markus shares how GoNitely started as a love story. On their honeymoon around the world, Markus and his wife noticed dozens of empty, unused properties in prime locations in a variety of different countries. They realised there was a gap in the property management market that they were eager to fill. From raising funds to hiring employees, Markus’ experience and enthusiasm make for an inspiring episode.


Markus describes the benefits of working at a startup, the qualities he looks for in a future employee and shares his tips on how to get noticed by a potential employer.  His advice will be invaluable to anyone on the hunt for a position at a startup or those looking to build their own.



  • The personal value of joining a startup
  • Do what you really love and you will get noticed
  • Skills can be taught but character is the most important thing