6. How to get hired in a tech startup without a technical degree – Annie from Lenda.com


Is it possible to work in the tech industry without obtaining a degree in computer sciences?  In this episode of GigaNation, Jeff speaks with special guest, Annie Redmond, who shares how she did just that.


From flight aviation, to training horses, to working in the finance industry, Annie took a long road to her current position as Front End Engineer at a Silicon Valley startup company.  She shares details of her journey into the tech industry and how she managed to land a job by learning to code at a coding bootcamp.


In addition to Annie’s inspiring career story, she shares her personal insights on job searching, preparing for interviews and how to determine which company will be the best fit.  If you want to work in the tech industry but don’t have a college degree, Annie will fill you full of motivation to achieve.



  • What is a coding bootcamp?
  • Helpful tips on finding the right job
  • No degree doesn’t mean no hope. You can get to where you want to go