14. The Job Hunt- A deep dive into the process




Finding the right process to ensure your job hunt achieves results is the focus of today’s episode of GigaNation. Our host Jeff Butler dives into the way you can build a process for job interviews that will help you get hired. You may think this sounds like a sales pitch, but after listening to this episode you’ll have actionable, logical steps that will help you achieve your career aspirations.


Jeff will walk you through the general job interview process and break down each individual step so that you’ll be able to map and chart your own progress. The tips you will gain from this episode are not just for those in engineering either, these are transferable to a variety of different job types and make this episode well worth a listen.


If you’re struggling to find a way to tackle your job hunt process and stay organised, Jeff is dropping wisdom here that is guaranteed to keep you on track.



  • Job process is broken down into four stages: Initial Touch, Behavioural, Technical and Onsite
  • Download Streak or use Excel to map out your job process
  • Make a learning curriculum for the job that you’re interviewing for
  • Look at ways to unlock the hidden job market