13. Women in Tech, working at Google, Stanford and Accenture – Wei from Accenture


What is it like being a woman and working in tech? There seems to be a stigma attached to the tech industry that it’s just a bunch of dudes, but Wei is here to tell you that simply isn’t true. Today on the GigaNation podcast Jeff talks to Wei from Accenture about how she landed where she is today.


What makes Wei’s story a little bit different from most that we’ve heard so far on the podcast is that she works in legal. With no background in STEM, Wei discusses what it’s like being female and working in tech, without being “tech”.


Wei was always interested in the art of crafting arguments and found herself pursuing a career in legal to explore this passion. Wei’s resume is enviable with stints working at Google and Stanford University before landing her role at Accenture. She’s always in the pursuit of learning and personal development and provides solid advice on ways to achieve your career ambitions.



  • Try to work while you’re in college. Give yourself a break from studying and put yourself in a different mindset
  • What you think might be the perfect fit might not be quite right. Think about where you want to take your career and whether the job you’re in has the opportunity to get you there
  • Complacency is a killer of career ambition. Your brain is a muscle that you need to exercise
  • Women in tech are no different to men in tech. Speak up and know that you will be heard