12. Building the next Terminators and leaving your family behind to move to Silicon Valley – Yash from Softbank Robotics


For the Terminator fans out there, this episode of GigaNation is sure to be a winner.  Jeff speaks with special guest, Yash Potlapalli, Product Manager at Softbank Robotics – creators of Pepper the humanoid robot.      


With an electrical engineering background, Yash went on to complete his Masters at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.   He worked for Cisco for a number of years before deciding to branch out and start applying for jobs in Silicon Valley.


Yash shares his inspiring journey through the job hunting process and encourages listeners to persevere through the inevitable rejection that comes when looking for a job.  He outlines his systematic approach to job interviews and gives tips on how to maximise your chances of landing a job.  If your goal is to work in a big tech company, tune in for some awesome advice.



  • One door closes and another door opens – it’s all about the journey.
  • Pursue something that you really want to do, especially if it scares you.
  • Contact Yash https://www.linkedin.com/in/yash1