11. Spending $1000s at Starbucks and landing jobs at Cisco and Startups – Mani at Nginx

If you’re looking for advice on finding a job in the tech industry, someone with over 10 years experience working in hardware and software across multiple continents would be the person you’d want to talk to, right?  Jeff does just that in this episode of GigaNation, catching up with Mani from NGINX, a company powering half the world’s busiest sites and applications.


Graduating from college with an electrical engineering degree, Mani interned with Intel and worked there for a number of years as a system engineer.  He later developed a keen interest in software and joined small startups in both India and the US.  With experience working in both front end and back end, plus his extensive hardware background, Mani shares his tips on preparing for job interviews and the benefits of having a holistic knowledge of systems.


Mani’s in depth understanding across multiple areas will be an inspiration to anyone looking to transition into another field and for those just starting out in the tech industry.