10. Pay scale and how to separate yourself from hundreds of candidates – Tim from Uber

The amount of resumes big tech companies receive every week must be insane. How can you possibly set yourself apart from other candidates if you’re passionate about getting hired at one of these companies? Today on GigaNation we talk with Tim Fredrick, a Hiring Manager at Uber and get the inside scoop on what it takes to stand out and get hired.


With a background working at tech giants like Hewlett Packard, degrees from MIT and now a job at Uber – Tim Fredrick definitely knows his stuff. Tim will leave you with knowledge as to what hiring managers are looking for, and the inner workings of big companies like Uber. For recent graduates there’s a whole lot of actionable steps you can take too! Listen in and take notes. This one will leave you feeling motivated to get out there and attack the job market.



  • Big companies receive a LOT of resumes. Referrals reign supreme in getting your resume to the top of the pile.
  • Even if you’ve had a referral, don’t forget you’ll still need to know your stuff to proceed any further. Referrals only getting you so far.
  • For recent or future graduates internships are key. If you’re serious about a job, you need to put in the hard work while you’re still studying. Don’t laze those summers away!
  • Evidence of proactively stretching your scope beyond your job description does very well to boost your chance of getting hired.