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Learn what it takes to land a job at the top technology companies in the world. Giganation interviews employees at these companies revealing what it really takes to get hired. Whether you are in looking to get into the tech, already in tech, or just needing to brush up on your interviewing skills- this podcast will help.

People just like you are interviewed from the top tech companies in the world sharing what made them successful in their career and their own journey. Discover actionable steps that you can take to either: break into the tech industry, get hired as a new grad or simply switch jobs in the tech industry.


About the host

Hey there, my name is Jeff. I am a Software Engineer and I have worked in 5 tech startups including one that I founded and for Nokia when they were hip. In my professional career I have been in over 500 interviews and found it frustrating that a lot of what is out there on tech interviews was, well, outdated. Because interviews suck, I decide to share what I know about the interview process and also interview people at awesome companies to help you get the tech job you always wanted. Couple of other cool things, I spoke on TEDx a few times and published a book so I take communication seriously and I want to make sure that when you listen to this podcast, it will be worth your time.

GigaNation Podcast Episodes

19. Getting hired at LinkedIn – How to make your resume stand out – Interview with Nick
       Are you getting past the first round of interviews but having trouble landing your dream job ...
18. How to use assessments and personality tests to unlock your dream career – Jeff from Xello
      Broadcasting from Canada for the first international Giganation podcast, our host speaks to Jeff MacLeod from Xello, ...
17. Getting hired at Facebook – An interview with Ngoc
       Have you heard of Facebook?  That’s not really a question anyone needs to ask because it’s ...
16. How to get hired at Apple – An interview with Jonathan
       You don’t have to be a super computer nerd to make it in the tech industry, ...
15. Landing a job at Box and Uber and flying helicopters – Ken from Uber
       Rejection isn’t something that’s super comfortable to talk about, but it’s important to remember how common ...
14. The Job Hunt- A deep dive into the process
      Finding the right process to ensure your job hunt achieves results is the focus of today’s episode ...
13. Women in Tech, working at Google, Stanford and Accenture – Wei from Accenture
  What is it like being a woman and working in tech? There seems to be a stigma attached to ...
12. Building the next Terminators and leaving your family behind to move to Silicon Valley – Yash from Softbank Robotics
  For the Terminator fans out there, this episode of GigaNation is sure to be a winner.  Jeff speaks with ...
11. Spending $1000s at Starbucks and landing jobs at Cisco and Startups – Mani at Nginx
If you’re looking for advice on finding a job in the tech industry, someone with over 10 years experience working ...
10. Pay scale and how to separate yourself from hundreds of candidates – Tim from Uber
The amount of resumes big tech companies receive every week must be insane. How can you possibly set yourself apart ...
9. Getting paid by your company to travel the world – Jared from Wish
You’re interested in the tech industry, but you don’t think you have the skills required to land a job in ...
8. How to use recruiters in your job hunt – Mary from RockIT
Finding the right way to go about applying for jobs, or even knowing what jobs are out there can be ...
7. A Fireside Chat With A Startup Founder – Markus from Gonitely
Ever wondered what it’s like to join a startup?  Perhaps you’ve been approaching companies but you’re struggling to get your ...
6. How to get hired in a tech startup without a technical degree – Annie from
  Is it possible to work in the tech industry without obtaining a degree in computer sciences?  In this episode ...
5. Running for mayor at 18 to working at Google – Interview with Ryan Krebs
  We’ve all heard it - interviewing at Google is a gruelling process. Today we talk to Ryan Krebs, a ...

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"This was totally what I needed to land my dream job."

George Listener

"This was totally what I needed to land my dream job."

George Listener

"This was totally what I needed to land my dream job."

George Listener